[thesite] new category suggestion on submission page

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Sun Nov 26 17:17:19 CST 2000

> another note... on that 'preview' page, we should not call the
> '<<back' button a "back button" (since i used my browser's back
> button before scrolling down)... we should call it an edit button...

Well, that brings up a point. That '<<back' button doesn't even work, so
should we just skip the preview page altogether and let people know that
they can make changes after approval? (Assuming the edit page is currently
functional; I haven't checked.)

Here's my reasoning: I was trying to post something and noticed something I
wanted to change, so I  clicked the '<<back' button, got the dialogue box
stating that the feature isn't ready and used my browser's back button. My
stuff wasn't there, which was a little bit of a bummer, but not the end of
the world (I figured the state of the form was dependent on using the
preview page's '<<back' button), so I retyped everything and tried to
preview again, and got an error message telling me that the title was
conflicting with an existing record. So how do I get rid of that one? I
never actually submitted, just previewed it.

I guess it just depends on how quickly the '<<back' button will get wired

As a side note, the system error messages are impossible to read because
they don't come up in a table, just splashed across the background green,
with the default gray/green text. I'm sure this has been noticed before, but
is there a way to change that?


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