[thesite] last 5 query

Daniel J. Cody dcody at oracular.com
Sun Nov 26 17:51:25 CST 2000

there is, but i have no clue how to do it. our main oracle DBA has been
on vacation for a couple weeks, and i was going to run stuff by him.
i'll ask him about this too, although i'd wonder if the overhead of the
trigger would negate any other benefits..

i'll get this by him tomorrow though, thanks :)


Joshua OIson wrote:
> shortening the execution time of the "last 5 query" might be facilitated by
> keeping a separate table that holds the last five messages.  The table would
> truly only contain the last five posts on the list.  Is there such a thing
> as an insert trigger to automate the process for you?

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