[thesite] CSS related bug?

Dean Mah dsmah at home.com
Sun Nov 26 20:59:15 CST 2000

Dan, when I was working on the last 5 threads, I removed the select
count ... from the query.  Didn't think that it was doing anything.  I
also had to pull more than the last 5 posts to get the last 5 threads.


Daniel J. Cody writes:

> <cfquery name="lastfive" datasource="#data#" maxrows="5"
> blockfactor="75">
> 		select id, subject, author from posts 
> 			where id >= (select count(*) -5 from posts) 
> 			order by id desc
> </cfquery>
> this appeared to me to be the same sort of query(get id where its > X)
> as above, but it runs at right around 5 secs. i then threw a
> cachedwithin attribute in there and its actually pretty quick now. 
> so it used to take about 15 secs for that 'last 5 msgs on thelist' thing
> to run, now its at about 5. i'm still going to have adam look over it
> and see if theres any other way i can optimize it, but i'm not unhappy
> with what we have now.

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