[thesite] last 5 query

Dean Mah dsmah at home.com
Tue Nov 28 12:11:25 CST 2000

This sounds like something that the Composite design pattern should be
able to handle.  This simplifies designs and allows for easy
extensibility.  Check out:



Joshua OIson writes:

> The other reason I suggest not using the application scope is also
> extensibility.  What if you want to change the information to
> "last-5-per-forum-or-per-article-category" In a DB you could just
> add an category_id field and change the triggers/SQL accordingly,
> whereas in application variables you'd have to rework the entire
> naming convention and do a whole lot of "evaluates" or some other
> kludgy method to insert and extract the information.  At some point
> it becomes not worth it.

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