[thesite] old link converter...

walker walker at sdproductions.com
Tue Nov 28 13:59:47 CST 2000

OK- here's what's up with the link converter.

I changed index.cfm (in the site root) and added a file called 
change_old_links.cfm in the test directory.

index.cfm looks for a url variable called menu. If that variable exists, it 
includes the change_old_links.cfm file and aborts everything else.

on change_old_links.cfm: the old url variables are changed to their new 
names, and a splash screen is shown that tells the user that their old 
bookmark is invalid.

The splash screen has a 4 second meta-redirect on it, so the visitor will 
get relocated to the article they were trying to get in the first place. If 
the redirect doesn't work, there is a link that they can click on to take 
them there.

In the event that the link comes from an article that is already on the 
site- like Bob's links in the article he just wrote (he links to other 
articles on the site) - then the splash screen will not show- you will go 
immediately to that article.

So basically - the converter works in both instances, but since we only 
really care about people who have bookmarked the site, they are the only 
ones who get the splash screen reminder.

Jeff, let me know if there is a better place to put the redirection (if 
there is a better place than index.cfm)

questions? comments?


walker fenton
walker at sdproductions.com

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