[thesite] old link converter...

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Nov 28 21:23:42 CST 2000

> except where they don't exist and menu=8 you'll need to
> query the database to get the appropriate cat_id.

i don't understand how the new sexy urls work, but in the old (current)
site, as far as i can tell the only difference between




is that when you go to the latter, the "code" centre link is lit up

("lit up" is a technical term, it's still a link, it just indicates that
this article is in the "code" centre -- category 17)

> defaulting it to 10 (news) won't work because the new site
> uses the tid (cat_id on the old site) as part of the
> query.  if they don't exactly match - no article.

um, why do it that way?  should the cat be optional?  or is this too hard
to do in the new sexy url scheme?

seems like we might be losing some functionality here -- i happen to know a
few articles by their content id number (so i can type the url without
first searching for it) -- if i had to know the category id as well, i'd be

> dan & rudy, we'll also need to have a table for recording these hits.
> it should have columns for things like url requested, http_referer,
> remote_addr, etc.

sounds like a web server log

not that i've got any qualms about loading a web server log into a database
table, but in that case, why not grab all the columns that are available?
how do packages like webtrends (i'm not really familiar with any of them)


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