[thesite] Re: [Admin] Adrian's submission style article

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Apr 3 14:33:39 CDT 2001

> dan, let's get that FAQ category in there, set it to *not* display
> in the select menu, or to accept articles from non-admins...

may i ask for a quick review/recap of what we're doing?

i want to be clear on the structure being implemented in the database

is this new category intended to hold the contents of the current FAQ page?

if so, i think it's safe to go ahead and add it as a category ("center") in
the current structure

but why hide it from the select menu???

perhaps it should not be included on the home page articles, similar to the
way that Jobs and Suggestions are not

but Jobs and Suggestions are shown in the select menu

also, i don't think it's necessary to restrict who can submit articles in
this category, since there's no database mechanism for this, and also
because we as admins can simply reject articles that aren't okay

note -- there is a CATTYPE structure in place to, um, categorize the

right now (can't confirm without actually querying the database, and i'm
maybe a day away from being able to) there are three CATTYPES -- Center,
Tips, Keyword

however, only Center has any CATEGORY records under it, and consequently
all the articles on the site point to CATEGORY records that are tied to the

if we implement any other CATTYPEs, we have to do a thorough code review,
for example to add


where nn is the PK of the Center CATTYPE record

i hope i've explained this okay, please let me know if this confuses you...


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