[thesite] Re: [xxxxx] user tables

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat Apr 7 11:35:19 CDT 2001

>...  do you know how entirely difficult it makes development
> with a record with an id of 0?  if there's any way you can think
> of to get rid of that record i'd *really* appreciate it.

hi jeff

gotta move this discussion to thesite, but basically, sure, i guess we
could do that, new user records are populated from the sequence field
(which is nearing 10000, by the way) but i think we could just update the
PK on the default evolt user from 0 to 1 or something...  maybe 937 if
that's not being used...

> my problem is that a default value of 0 on a variable means it has
> no value.  then this case comes along and i've gotta treat it completely
> different from how i'm used to.

i know what you're saying about variables, although i'm not convinced it
applies in the case of a userid -- maybe you could write better code that
is less dependent on "tricks" so that a PK is a PK and not a variable?


> i know david.  lemme email him and ask him to update his
> email address.  is that what you're looking for?

yes, please

presumably he is subscribed with a different email id on the leo user list
that majorgumbo uses

still, it would be nice to update his weo record (and also set it back to



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