[thesite] Re: [Admin] Article Approved

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Apr 11 12:10:15 CDT 2001

rudy.. this is the problem that matt brought up on thesite the other
day, and one that probably needs to be addressed in the long run..

i hardcoded the anchors in that article with www.  btw

i'll see if i can add the <cfoutput> stuff in there...

thanks ;)

rudy wrote:

> i first went to the site using http://evolt.org
> then i clicked on the article
> after i finished waiting for the download (it's a big article and i'm on a
> 33.6 modem), i clicked on one of the table of content items
> ... and had to endure a complete re-download
> =o(
> would it be possible instead of hardcoding the full url to code these
> intra-page links as
>   <a href="http://<cfoutput>#cgi.server_name#</cfoutput>/  etc.
> so as not to cause switching between http://evolt.org and
> http://www.evolt.org?
> thanks for your consideration

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