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jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Thu Apr 12 18:05:05 CDT 2001


: From: martin at members.evolt.org
: Just wanted to say - fantastic job when
: you hit http://evolt.org with a Palm.
: It de-tableises beautifully. Logo is
: lovely in 16 greys.

thanks, alittle help from damclean and i was able to put avantgo version
together in a few hours.  it still needs an avantgo version of the user page

: Is this redirecting to a PDA specific
: version of the site?

no, actually it's detecting the palm user-agent and just using a different
html wrapper around the content.

: one suggestion - could we drop the logo
: size a bit? It looks a bit wierd filling
: up the screen on a 160px resolution.

sure, we can drop the logo size.  it's just that size right now cause i
haven't put in a better one.  i can also serve up a different logo for each
bit depth that visits.

adrian, can you talk with martin about the bit depth requirements as well as
optimal size?  as soon as i have those logos and the bit depths they apply
to i'll make the necessary changes to the avantgo layout.



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