[thesite] Re: [Admin] Article Approved

Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Thu Apr 12 21:55:20 CDT 2001

> : > > so as not to cause switching between http://evolt.org and
> : > > http://www.evolt.org?
> : > >
> :
> : well, ya, that's spiffy for the [www.]evolt.org issue. but,
> : as we all know, that's not even half of the story...
> :
> : so, no one's got anything to say about this?
> :~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> what do you want people to say?

Without rehashing the multiple url scheme issue?

Nothing, I guess.

I just think this is quite annoying behavior from a user's perspective.

How's about altering the keyphrase functionality to redirect to the "real"
url scheme rather than having that URL in the browser's address bar? That's
what dan's old_scheme->new_scheme script does, doesn't it? Would you be keen
on that? If so, let's use the same [www.]evolt.org format that dan is using
on his script.

I'd like to eliminate this issue... but it doesnt' look like we can do that.
So, the next best thing is to narrow it down to only two possible URLs (in
the address bar) for a single article (the www. and the non-www. SSURL


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