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Fri Apr 13 18:15:00 CDT 2001


: From: Daniel J. Cody
: jeff wrote:
: > that's the problem though.  matt has brought
: > up a valid issue of there being too many url
: > formats to get to an article.  i think that's
: > a valid concern.
: I'm not introducing any new URL formats. Sure its
: a valid concern, but its got nothing to do with
: the redirecting.

sure it does.  instead of using the article title, the redirect has the
string "301" in the article title's place.  at the very least that should be
fixed so it's consistent with the rest of the links on the site to that

: > on top of that, people using the old urls
: > should be encouraged to update their bookmarks.
: > with some other solutions that we're exploring
: > and setting
: Maybe you missed isaacs post about doing a search
: of the evolt site only for pretty much any content
: on google? All that showed up in the 20 pages of
: results were 'Update your bookmarks'. Obviously the
: whole bookmark thing was being made clear, but
: because spiders dont follow meta-refresh tags, and
: weren't following the link on the page, shit wasn't
: getting indexed. In the last 2 weeks since I put
: the 301 in there we've been getting indexed like crazy.

no, i didn't miss isaac's post.  however, i did miss a response to that one
saying that something was going to be done about it and talking about
possible solutions -- as i've been brought to task for recently.  i
discovered (as did matt very recently) it quite on my own and was surprised
to see something already implemented.

if we're going to go this route with it, then why not make the entire
old-style url 404 handling app perform a redirect for all old urls and not
just articles?

: Again, there seems to be the impression that the code
: I used is fucking people up with a new URL scheme. As
: the whole keyword thread can attest, I'm the #1 enemy
: of having any more URL schemes than our current scheme
: since evolt.2.0.

so let's do the right thing in the redirect and use the article title like
the rest of the links on thesite and not "301".

: To be clear, someone comes in with an old(evolt 1.0)
: URL like /index.cfm?menu=8&cid=444 - walker and you
: put that script together that would query the database,
: put together a new URL and display it on a page telling
: people to update their bookmarks. The problem with that
: whole scenerio though is that spiders weren't updating
: their 'bookmarks', hence the problem.

yes, i agree.  that was a problem.  that's why i was asking if there was
some sort of meta tag or header we can send when displaying the "fix your
bookmarks" page that would instruct the search engines to update as well
along with the proper new link to the resource.

: To correct the problem, I have Cold Fusion return a 301
: status code which stands for "Moved Permanently" along
: with a "Location" field informing the client where the
: document can now be found.

that's the sort of header i was looking for.  i was just looking for
something that didn't involve a redirect so the user could be prompted to
fix things on their end.

: I'd request any action on this issue to be held off
: untill I return from the easter holiday on Monday..

i'm fine with that -- i've got way too much to do to get too busy with this


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