[thesite] Re: test.evolt.org

Dean Mah dsmah at home.com
Tue Apr 17 17:25:24 CDT 2001

In a previous environment that I worked in, we used CVS to handle the
concurrent development updates.  We had an automated process that did
pushes from CVS fixes branch into production every morning.  For
critical fixes, there was also a manual scripted way to push changes
immediately into production.  Any large scale development would be in
a CVS dev branch that would be synchronized with the fixes branch

This was the ideal situation for us.  People that needed to push
changes into production immediately could while people that
wanted/needed/were required to have their changes QA'ed could have
that done as well.  And then depending on the branching structure, we
could have an area for long-term development.


Warden, Matt writes:

> > to confirm, yes, i do have all the passwords from dan, but contrary to
> > rumour, all i can do is access the production database -- you do not want
> > me even attempting anything else (image of child playing with matches)
> >
> > despite the necessity (or convenience) of touching live stuff, which has
> to
> > happen from time to time, i think we should try to get a good test
> > environment (site plus database) going
> >
> > who can help us get there?  if anybody else feels like i do, let's take
> > this over to thesite
> If anything, it would be easier to have changes like mine in a central
> place.
> Plus, I could integrate my changes with the dynamic file rather than having
> dan or someone else do it.
> But, this would probably only be a testbed for the w.e.o site, right? Oh
> well. Still a good thing, IMO.
> We would have to address keeping the t.e.o version current, tho. Especially
> with *cough* certain people *cough* making changes directly to the w.e.o
> site.  =P
> If we get this set up, I'll insert some test data, etc. I have a local
> version of thesite, but it's a little outdated.
> Thoughts?

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