[thesite] Re: test.evolt.org

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Apr 17 19:09:23 CDT 2001

>  we were warned that if we touched the code
> outside of an assigned bug or feature enhancement
> that we could be fired

that sucks

having been in management for fifteen years, i know where they're coming
from, but nevertheless, and irregardless, it still sucks big time

here at evolt we *are* going to have people touching production all the

fact of life, don't shoot the messenger, get over it, yadda yadda

meanwhile, if there were a really easy test environment to try stuff on, i
would use it all the time, and i'm *sure* it would cut down on people
experimenting in prod

the thing about source management systems, they bog down with complexity

let me suggest a scenario, shoot it down if you like, but here goes

since it's relatively easy for a sysadmin to copy prod to test, what if we
had all the code, and all the database, copied from prod to test on a
regular basis, say, weekly or something

that would put the onus on the developer to test his stuff and get it
copied back to prod, all before the next copy from prod to test -- weekly,
by pre-arrangement, whatever...

 a test site and test database, readily available...

[homer voice]   mmmmmmmm, test environments....

signing off for the night



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          accused of hit and run
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