[thesite] slow response time on w.e.o

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Apr 18 08:27:36 CDT 2001

ya, this happens for me all the time too.. if the front page query isnt'
cached(10 or 20 minutes)
it takes about 13-17 seconds for it to run the 'big' query on the front
page. IOW, if no one has visited the front page in the last 10 minutes,
its going to take a while to load. here's an example without that front
query cached, you can see that act_home.cfm(the template that runs the
query) is the bottleneck:

Execution Time

16094 milliseconds

     8 ms
   158 ms
    43 ms
     2 ms
     0 ms
    16 ms
     8 ms
 14988 ms
   452 ms
     1 ms
     3 ms
     2 ms
   107 ms
    73 ms
    66 ms
     1 ms
    11 ms
    11 ms
    85 ms
     1 ms
     0 ms
    35 ms

anyways, hopefully that explains it.


"Warden, Matt" wrote:
> thesite,
> Is anyone else getting some slow response time when contacting
> www.evolt.org. I'm on cable and watching my browser's status bar shows
> immediate connection to www.evolt.org, but it takes a good 3 to 4 seconds
> before I get a reply.

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