[thesite] anyone got a minute?

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Apr 18 11:36:32 CDT 2001

if you don't show up in that list(only elfur, david and dean are in the
users table right now) and want to try this out, lemme know..

I'd really like to get a lot of people testing this ASAP so we can
actually start using it.

things you should know:

the code is complete shit. the HTML uses <font> tags and all that nasty
kind of shit. the Cold fusion is probably the worst looking stuff I've
ever written. BUT, this isn't public and I was in a serious hurry
writting it. it works, thats whats important at this point. :)

no, the users aren't being pulled out of the main evolt user table. in
fact, this DB has *nothing* to do with the main evolt database at all.
again, time being a factor and the fact that other than usernames, it
has nothing to do with evolts main DB. perhaps someday we'll tie them
in, not today :)

this is just to get us going with our internal 'project management'. i
know there are a billion things that could be better, but its better
than what we have  :)

anyways, feedback is a must have

"Daniel J. Cody" wrote:
> ok, for those of you that have time.

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