[thesite] anyone got a minute?

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Apr 18 12:32:22 CDT 2001


My first thought.. this kicks ASS!!!

What a great application.

Must say, I'm overwhelmed.  It's very impressive.  Geeze, if I had people
working for me, I'd beg to have the code to use for my business.

Anyway, I think it will take a little bit of getting used too, but its

Can you customize it?  Specifically, allow the job number to be
auto-assigned, and forget the sequence?  But, the sequence might very well
be helpful if we want to assign sub-tasks to one larger job(project).
Though I'd rather they be entered as unique jobs.  We just need to establish
some "rules/guidelines" so that everyone knows what's up.

Job Owner/Production Owner is defaulting to you.  Can that change so that
whoever enters the job can be the owner?  Not sure we need both fields.  Oh,
I see the created/modified field now.  So, perhaps the both of these fields
can be eliminated.

I like that, I just got an email telling me that job had been updated.  LOL

Can you edit the options available under Status?  Delete all the "waiting"
items.  I don't think they are required.  IOW, simplify.

Under clients, can we use that field to indicate more than just evolt.org,
for example w.e.o, l.e.o, m.e.o, b.e.o, MG, tagwear, courseware, f.e.o etc.
This way we can search for jobs specifically relating to tagwear, etc.

Under tasks, can you add, Review/Approval?

Ok, that's it for me (for now).  This is bloody awesome.  Thanks a million
for the efforts put into this Dan.  I for one love it!


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