[thesite] anyone got a minute?

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Apr 18 13:11:43 CDT 2001

Michele Foster wrote:

> My first thought.. this kicks ASS!!!
> What a great application.
> Must say, I'm overwhelmed.  It's very impressive.  Geeze, if I had people
> working for me, I'd beg to have the code to use for my business.

thanks :) maybe we'll make money off it someday ;)

> Anyway, I think it will take a little bit of getting used too, but its
> awesome.

ya, its gonna take a bit to get aquinted with, but once its in place..
wow. we'll be effiecent and stuff :)
> Can you customize it?  Specifically, allow the job number to be
> auto-assigned, and forget the sequence?  But, the sequence might very well
> be helpful if we want to assign sub-tasks to one larger job(project).
> Though I'd rather they be entered as unique jobs.  We just need to establish
> some "rules/guidelines" so that everyone knows what's up.

i'll work on the sequence, good idea. as for the whole job number thing:

If you're creating a new job, it should fill in the first box for you
based on the client you choose from the drop box on the left(evolt is 02
for example). the next box is blank, thats the job number. i'll work on
auto-sequencing this. the next box is a letter.. that way you can have
'revisions' of each job.. does that make sense?

when you *edit* a job, you shouldn't need to change anything except the
letter, and only do that if you want a new 'revision' for that job.
> Job Owner/Production Owner is defaulting to you.  Can that change so that
> whoever enters the job can be the owner?  Not sure we need both fields.  Oh,
> I see the created/modified field now.  So, perhaps the both of these fields
> can be eliminated.

that should be fixed..

> I like that, I just got an email telling me that job had been updated.  LOL

ya, its doing that for now, we'll see how long it lasts
> Can you edit the options available under Status?  Delete all the "waiting"
> items.  I don't think they are required.  IOW, simplify.


> Under clients, can we use that field to indicate more than just evolt.org,
> for example w.e.o, l.e.o, m.e.o, b.e.o, MG, tagwear, courseware, f.e.o etc.
> This way we can search for jobs specifically relating to tagwear, etc.

yes, exactly.. ijust added a members.evolt.org 'client' so you can get a
feel for that..

> Under tasks, can you add, Review/Approval?

not 100% sure what ya mean..

you guys are seeing stuff from the 'highest' level too.. there is
another level of user(say someone from thesite that volunteers to do
something) that can only view their tasks, and can't create new tasks..
so there are different levels basically.. maybe i'll create a generic
regular user so you can see what the view looks like from there

> Ok, that's it for me (for now).  This is bloody awesome.  Thanks a million
> for the efforts put into this Dan.  I for one love it!

good, i see you have that letterhead slated for tomorrow ;) hopefully
this will limit the amount of ideas and work that 'falls through the
cracks' here and on admin


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