name game (was : RE: [thesite] RE: [xx] Warning: could not send m essage for past 4 hours)

McCreath_David McCreath_David at
Wed Apr 18 19:26:16 CDT 2001

>From: Joshua Olson
>Categorized Chronological Efforts Management System Application (with
>built-in login security)
>cc:EMSA (wbils)

oooo... how... cryptic. I like it. 

>From: Michele Foster
>What did you think of Evolt Tasker, hereinafter referred to as TheTasker?

eh.. I'd rather stay with evolt naming conventions and call it 'thetasks'.
But if we're going to go that way, then I would prefer 'theprojects',
because the tasks are just a small part of it.

>or TheWhipper (inspired thanks to Elfur)?

Yeah, but the app doesn't actually do the whipping does it?

>or DansKickAssApp - TheDKAA, the DAKIAAP ?

I think that would actually be DS(econd)KAA, the first being MajorGumbo. :)

Geez this is like trying to name a band. "Dude, 'Eat My Scabs' is the *only*
name for this band!" ;)


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