[thesite] staff app (on the new and sexy admin.evolt.org :-)

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at lists.evolt.org
Fri Apr 20 11:29:22 CDT 2001

due to level of blood in my alcohol last wednesday, when testing the staff part
of the new administration tool (which rocks, btw), i'm pretty sure that my
comments didn't quite have the effect necessary for consideration, so i thought
i'd point them out again:

* because of my internationalisation (and stubbornness) i can't change my
registration (i won't give bogus info :-) the reason is:

- I have my own phone number at work - but no field to put it in
- I have no work extension
- there is no zip code in iceland
    - and even if i "cheated" and put the number of the city there, it doesn't

and while I could just give bogus info and get my password changed, I won't
because I want it working correctly :-) and I'm patient enough to wait for that.

thanks dan for this rocking product
now we don't have to *get rocked*
- we already are :-)

*the strange one*

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