[thesite] code(this)

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Apr 26 12:10:51 CDT 2001

>But, whatever. Let's not quibble about the name.
>So, can we do this or what?

okay, what

seriously, i can add a new category, and leave active=0 for now

> a. the category must be submitable only to admins

can you explain more why, please

admins have to approve every article anyway, so i don't get the point

> b. the category should show on the front page

default behaviour, i think

> c. the category probably shouldn't show up in searches

that'll be trickier, and require coding

not sure why we would want the restriction, though -- are there any other
categories that are excluded from searching at the present time?

> d. the category probably should not show up on the user page's article
listing if we're going to follow the precedent we set with the FAQ category

that precedent stinks, imho

but then, i don't understand why somebody who wrote a faq article would not
want it listed amongst his or her other articles

so, um, what do we want to call it?    code(this)?  answer(this)?


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