[thesite] thoughts on Most Commented On Articles boxen

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Apr 26 12:10:54 CDT 2001

>So, what if we limited it to articles commented on in the last 30 days?

sounds pretty good

you're right, having that article about evoltageddon in amongst the most
commented articles is pretty lame

> I've NEVER been good at SQL with aggregate functions in them
> (do I smell a rudy response here?), but, I would assume that the sql
> would have to change like:
>... WHERE Max(comment.CreateDate) >= DateAdd(SYSDATE(), day, -30) ...

aggregate function tests go into the HAVING clause , but in this case i
think it's a straight filter condition (no aggregate function)   =o)

there's a bucket on the article content record itself called REPLIES which
shows total number of comments (updated each time a comment is added), but
that would be all of them, including old ones, so an aggregate query may
indeed still be required for what you're proposing about fresh comments

i'd have to see the specific query (still not sure where in the site to
look -- can i go in with ftp?  if yes, which folder, and could somebody
remind me of the ftp login username/pswd offlist please?)


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