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Found this while tidying. Dates from last August.


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Anyone got any problems with us signing this? (cleaned up
a bit from their Word doc, but didn't have time to really get
it into proper HTML). It's the agreement to be an AvantGo
partner (ie get an evolt channel onto PDAs)

The only iffy bit on 1st glance is over revenues from advertising
on our AvantGo channel - any revenues we get (and we're not
getting any, right?) we have to give AG 25%.


>From: "Sarah Gee" <sgee at AvantGo.com>
>To: <martin at members.evolt.org>
>Subject: AvantGo Partner Agreement
>Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 09:00:19 +0100
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>Thank you for your interest in becoming an AvantGo.com Partner.  This e-mail
>will give you
>knowledge of our product and the information you will need to build a
>channel and register as an
>AvantGo.com Partner.
>Why deliver to mobile devices?
>Delivering to Mobile devices is an excellent way to extend your web site's
>reach beyond the desktop, establishing a pervasive relationship with your
>customers/end users.  Mobile devices enable consumers to access information
>provided by the content partner while they are away from their office or
>home.  Partners are looking to be a resource to end users during all points
>of the day.  When on the move - whether going to meetings, commuting to
>work, eating dinner - mobile devices provide consumers with access to
>information - anytime, anywhere!  The power of the web should not be only
>limited to desktops, information should flow to individuals when they need
>throughout the day.   Mobile devices provide an exciting new delivery medium
>for partners to leverage in establishing tighter relationships with their
>Advantages of Being an AvantGo.com Partner
>· Free! Our basic re is free for our partners and users.
>· Design once, we worry about delivery to all devices. We offer support for
>Palm OS, Windows
>CE, wireless devices, and internet-enabled smart phones.  You only have to
>design once for many
>· Distribution on Palm and Windows CE devices along with our current
>partners provides greater
>visibility to your site (and ours.) Our software comes with all Palm and CE
>· Simple development.  Partners design in HTML using existing tools and
>content.  There is no
>need to acquire special development tools, server hardware, or hire new
>programmers.  Use our
>Style Guide to simplify your channel development. (I have attached a copy of
>our new Style
>Guide.) You can see an example channel to see how easy it is to create - it
>is truly an html page
>that can be viewed on your desktop but is designed for actually viewing on
>mobile devices.
>· Content Developers available to answer your questions and help with your
>channel development.
>· AvantGo Client Server Software provides the best user experience through
>management of download time and memory usage and through a friendly look and
>feel of the
>· Proven Consumer Usage: Deliver your content to millions of PDAs
>·  Some examples of existing AvantGo Channels include,
>                 Global:         Yahoo, MSN, GO, Excite
>                 Germany:                Der Spiegel, FT Deutschland, 
> Sports.com
>                 France:         TF1, Canal Plus, Le Monde
>                 UK:                     Guardian, BBC, Last Minute.com,
>                 Scandinavia:    Aftenbladet, Aftenposten, Dagbladet
>How to Become a Partner
>· Attached is the Content Partner Agreement.  Review the Agreement, making
>any modifications
>as needed, and please return to me an electronic version of the Agreement
>having completed all
>the Exhibits.
>· Visit our Content Development web site for more information about the
>program and details.
>· Visit our Style Guide to help develop your channel.
>To Complete the Process
>Please provide AvantGo with the following
>·  An electronic version of the Agreement with any modification and having
>completed all the
>· A 10-20 word description of your channel in both English and, if
>applicable, the channel's
>· A 163x43 color logo for the AvantGo Web site
>· The exact title how you would like your channel name to appear on our
>· Five words in your site that should be highlighted as search keywords.
>If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at
>sgee at avantgo.com.  Please send mail to
>AvantGo Content Program
>Kinetic Centre
>Theobald Street
>Herts WD6 4PJ
>United Kingdom
>or fax to +44 (0) 20 8387 1276
>I look forward to working with you
>Sarah Gee
>Marketing Assistant
>AvantGo Mobile Internet, Europe

Martin Burns, Content Management Consultant
tel: +44 (0)778 068 6418              
PGP fingerprint: A9B9 101F 55F9 40BE 5E00  98E7 71E8 1E70 A835 CCCB

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