[thesite] More on feo

Garrett Coakley garrett at polytechnic.co.uk
Thu Aug 2 07:24:41 CDT 2001


After chatting with dan, matt et al in #evolt yesterday I gave the
latest nightly from mozilla a whirl this morning to see if that would
make this problem vanish (hey... I'm getting desperate here!).

No dice.

Now if I'm the only one seeing it (and it looks like I am), then it's a
judgement call as to whether the code is going to be good enough for
feo. In the meantime I've started to put in the final finishing bits
(the horiz lines in the sidebar are in there at the moment, other
graphics to follow soon). 

This has brought to light another little problem, the amount of
whitespace underneath the Chef search box, but I'm going to wait to see
if anyone else can see this one before I start banging my head against
the brick wall *:)


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