[thesite] database: Attributes table

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Sat Aug 4 16:57:47 CDT 2001

Listening to you guys banter back and forth ... I'm starting to think that
this issue is more important to deal with now than some of the other ideas
we've had for codefest 2.0 this fall.

This will impact members pages .. whatever they may end up being.  In fact,
I think its more important to synch the data, get the members tables sorted
out and go from there... before we build the members pages.

a.e.o. already includes a selected few members in its database ..
independent of weo's members, tho the information is (or was) the same (Dan
correct me if I'm wrong).

d.e.o. could (should?) use members' data one of these days.

m.e.o. - we won't go there yet.. but again, its got its own members'
database of sorts.. partially, now, synched with weo (if I understand
correctly).  Based on whatever rules are put in place for meo accounts, it
will probably become more important that the data be synched... especially
if we decide to give accounts only to those that actually contribute in a
positive, or shall I use Dan's term, non-trivial way to evolt.org.

l.e.o. - another ballgame altogether.  One day, I would like to see the
option to edit all of my members' data on one page, including list
subs/unsubs, personal info, etc.

Also, sounds to me like we need to consider a few additional priv levels.
Now and into the future.  What's she talking about, you ask ..

(1) a.e.o. members should have a unique priv level, so that the members info
is called from the main members' tables.

(2) additional editors/reviewers for articles (admin issue atm)

(3) evolt.org CORP members .. I know this hasn't been discussed in any great
detail yet, but there are requirements that theBoard must meet, in so far as
notifying its membership of upcoming meetings, voting, etc.  We'll need a
way to keep track of those members that are members of the Corporation, not
just weo/feo members.  Those members *may* also need to have privs to
certain information, such as proxy voting via web based interface (if that
should be the way we go).

Anyway, I'm rambling .. but I do think this is something we should consider
sorting out in the very near future, and not wait until evolt3.0.

My thoughts ..


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