[thesite] database: Attributes table

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Tue Aug 7 11:53:35 CDT 2001

Michele Foster wrote:

> a.e.o. already includes a selected few members in its database ..
> independent of weo's members, tho the information is (or was) the same (Dan
> correct me if I'm wrong).

ya, the info is the same, and i'm pulling peoples 'profiles' into a.e.o 
so they can log in.

> d.e.o. could (should?) use members' data one of these days.

what on d.e.o neds members data? the submission form is anonymous right?

> m.e.o. - we won't go there yet.. but again, its got its own members'
> database of sorts.. partially, now, synched with weo (if I understand
> correctly).  Based on whatever rules are put in place for meo accounts, it
> will probably become more important that the data be synched... especially
> if we decide to give accounts only to those that actually contribute in a
> positive, or shall I use Dan's term, non-trivial way to evolt.org.

actually, people have to have a w.e.o account to get a m.e.o account 
now. much easier that way :)

> l.e.o. - another ballgame altogether.  One day, I would like to see the
> option to edit all of my members' data on one page, including list
> subs/unsubs, personal info, etc.


> Also, sounds to me like we need to consider a few additional priv levels.
> Now and into the future.  What's she talking about, you ask ..
> (1) a.e.o. members should have a unique priv level, so that the members info
> is called from the main members' tables.

ya, the only problem with that though is there are unique levels within 
a.e.o that don't match up with the priv scheme from w.e.o - although it 
wouldn't be a huge deal to change a.e.o to conform

> (2) additional editors/reviewers for articles (admin issue atm)

oy. i'lm going to bring this onto thesite to see what people think soon.

> (3) evolt.org CORP members .. I know this hasn't been discussed in any great
> detail yet, but there are requirements that theBoard must meet, in so far as
> notifying its membership of upcoming meetings, voting, etc.  We'll need a
> way to keep track of those members that are members of the Corporation, not
> just weo/feo members.  Those members *may* also need to have privs to
> certain information, such as proxy voting via web based interface (if 

i dont know if we'll want to open up voting to something like a web 
based interface. email is easier to deal with and validate..

thanks for bring these up mich, lots of stuff to talk about.


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