[thesite] user power cubes..

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Aug 8 12:53:26 CDT 2001

hidy ho

a couple months(ay!) back we mentioned that it would be cool to give 
members recognition for conrtibuting to evolt.. i mentioned something 
like the ebay stars thing( 
http://pages.ebay.com/help/basics/g-stars.html ) and we debated whether 
or not to use cubes..

well i've put something up to take a look at. i'm only using cubes as an 
example here, it doesn't have to be that, its open to discussion(check 
out my anti aliasing on the little icons, i am a l33t graphix designer! 
w00p!! ;)

here's a sample article page(some work needs to be done on positioning 
probably) from me and matt:

i have 150+ articles, so i get the full cube to denote that i'm 'full of 
evolt spirit' or something


matt on the other hand has less than 15 articles(i broke it up into 
1-15, 16-35, 35+ for this example, it could be anything) so he gets one 
color of his cube filled


if someone had 16-35 articles, they'd get two cubes filled.

these could go on the users page next to their name, and maybe on the 
front page(?). it doesn't have to be cubes either, if osmeone has a 
better idea, rock.

one problem i see already with cubes though is there are only 3 'levels' 
you can be at, which kinda sucks.. matt mentioned maybe having an all 
gold or all silver cube to denote super high conritbuters too.



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