[thesite] user power cubes..

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Wed Aug 8 14:05:54 CDT 2001

> one problem i see already with cubes though is there are only 
> 3 'levels' 
> you can be at, which kinda sucks.. matt mentioned maybe having an all 
> gold or all silver cube to denote super high conritbuters too.

well, let's see, the red cube has 3 sides, as does the green and blue
one. So I count 9 levels, and suggest coloring in clockwise direction,
starting with the left-most face of each cube. so:

level 1: left-most face of red cube
2: left + top of red cube
3: full red cube
4: full red + left face of green

you get the idea...

(for the record, I think the cubes are great, they promote
identification with the evolt brand, IMHO)

(holy shit, was that a contribution from yours truly? did it really
happen? nah. I could go make all the images though....)

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