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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Aug 8 22:12:46 CDT 2001


Can you post the image elsewhere ?  I'd like to see it .. so that I fully
understand what you are saying.

You can send it to me if you like and I'll post it.


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From: "isaac" <isaac at members.evolt.org>

| the most important issue i think is the article/author rating split. to
| accomplish this, i think we need to drop:
| "Author: djc"
| and have a right-aligned box next to the first paragraph detailing the
| of the author, how many other articles they've written, average rating,
| number of comments made, and shit like that.
| i've uploaded an image demonstrating this here:
| http://members.evolt.org/~isaac/evolt/author.gif
| unfortunately, only half of it appears to be showing. i've tried
| it, but it's still fucked. this is happening to nearly every other image
| i've uploaded to my members.evolt account. anyone else having the same
| problem?

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