[thesite] user power cubes..

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Wed Aug 8 23:06:54 CDT 2001

> From: isaac
> > http://members.evolt.org/mccreath/evolt/cubes/evoltratingcube2.gif
> i understand your reluctance to fuck with the logo (but hey, you have my
> permission ;)),

I just wanted to make sure it was discussed. But thanks for the permission.
You're the picture of graciousnessessesness.

> but my only real problem with dan's example is
> that the logo is too tall to site nicely next to the username.

That's an issue, too, and one not solved by my version.

> there will have to be differentiation between the author rating and the
> article rating.

There already is. Maybe it needs to be clearer, though.

> i don't think single cubes will be as effective, or sgd's suggestion of 9
> individual steps (although if including a blank logo, it gives us
> a scale of 10 which is neat).

Yeah. But is it necessary? (Just asking. I can see both sides.)

> my preferred option would be blank logo, red filled, green filled, blue
> filled, silver, gold, or something like that. with some effort
> surely we can pull off the silver/gold. perhaps if we render it in a
> proper 3d app with a chrome effect?

Perhaps. I don't have much experience with 3D rendering and textures and all
that, but if somebody can make it work, I could see it. I think an objection
was raised to placing value on colors last time, but we gotta illustrate it
somehow, eh?

> the most important issue i think is the article/author rating split. to
> accomplish this, i think we need to drop:
> "Author: djc"
> and have a right-aligned box next to the first paragraph
> detailing the name
> of the author, how many other articles they've written, average rating,
> number of comments made, and shit like that.

I just saw Michele's post, and I like it in theory, but I think it actually
muddies the distinction between the article rating and the author rating. (I
know this is just an idea ... just discussing.) It would also require us to
add a way for users to upload a picture. Again, no huge deal, but if we go
with something next to the user's name *for now*, we can get this into
production quicker. Right? And then refine the design.

Would it defeat the purpose of the whole thing to just have the power cubes
on the user's page? (Again, just asking.)


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