[thesite] user power cubes..

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Fri Aug 10 12:13:28 CDT 2001

sounds good :)

McCreath_David wrote:

>>From: Daniel J. Cody
>>dave -
>>Any chance you could cut the 9 step'er into gif's? i tried 
>>editing the PNG file, but something about layers or something 
>>went above my fireworks skillz :(
> d00d, eye am a 133t d3z1xn0r! 
> Actually, I was terribly sloppy with my layers 'n' shit on that. I was just
> cutting and pasting all over the place. I'll make the gifs, but I'll make a
> nicer FW source file, too.
> I liked isaac point that it should be a 10-step, using the wire frame as
> step one. I'll do that, and you can set it up any way ya want.
> I'll get it later this afternoon or evening, okay?

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