[thesite] new power cubes

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Fri Aug 10 14:41:26 CDT 2001

hey danno...

looking quickly at the query I *think* you're using for this:

<cfquery name="get_numarticles" datasource="#data#">
        select contentid, userid
        from content where
        userid = #getarticle.userid#

it doesn't look like you are restricting this to approved articles.

just a reminder because that's been overlooked a lot in the past.



On Aug 10, Daniel J. Cody had something to say about Re: [thesite] new...

>heres how i broke it up:
>(remember this is pulling of the test db so how many articles a user has 
>may not be 100% accurate)

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