[thesite] yet more cubism (I'm frikkin Picasso!)

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Fri Aug 10 21:22:44 CDT 2001

Three things:


1) single cubes in a row as power cubes

We talked about this, but not much. A couple of people expressed interest in
seeing a row of single cubes. I had a little time to kill, so finished the
samples from the other day.

One advantage is that we can add cubes as necessary (when Dan breaks 500
articles :))

One disadvantage is more complicated code, but not much, I would think.


Personally, I think I like the logo-as-power-cubes better, with an eye
toward something like isaac's idea. I just wanted to make sure we didn't
leave the row-of-cubes idea behind without due discussion.


2) Dan, I think the stuff on t.e.o. looks pretty good, but the alignment
could be improved a little:


I added a   between the name and the cubes and gave the cube an
alignment attribute of "absmiddle". Seems to work okay in IE5, NC4.75, NS6 -
W2K and IE4.5, IE5, NN4.08, NS6 on MacOS 8.6.


3) Did I mention that Dex had given us a PSD of the 10layercubes file? He
did. 25 m4d d3z1xn0r pr0ps to Dex. It's on my cubes page.



Bonus points: Which band *first* recorded the song with this classic lyric:
"Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole"?

15 m4d d3z1xn0r pr0ps to the one who figgers it out.


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