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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Sat Aug 11 09:38:27 CDT 2001

Wow .. more cubes .. awesome Filip!

I like what Matt did, to make them less rounded.

I also like the approach that Filip took in NOT using the cubes from the
evolt.org logo.  This was a concern raised when we were first talking about

What do others think?


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From: "Warden, Matt" <mwarden at mattwarden.com>

| On Aug 11, Filip Salomonsson had something to say about [thesite] cubic
| >The cubing never stops. Here's yet another approach:
| >
| >http://members.evolt.org/filip/evolt/cubes/
| >
| >12 steps, with the 12th being "12 and over". Single images,
| >but perhaps more suitable for inline use than the partially
| >colored logo.
| Hey Filip,
| Excellent. Thems cubes are purty. And it has the added benefit of being
| without a limit (as cubes could always be added to the left).
| I like how you have the current cubes (the colors) in the front. Very
| nice. Though this would be broken if we added more than 12 steps.
| Would it be better to not have such a "rounded" look on the cubes? Might
| look a bit less playful (though playful isn't bad). This is what I'm
| talking about:
| http://mattwarden.com/d3z1gn3rz.gif
| All I did was define the corners more.

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