[thesite] cubic

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Sat Aug 11 15:06:20 CDT 2001

> From: .jeff
> filip,
> i think i prefer these cubes out of all the options i've seen so far for
> rating.  they make the most sense immediately when you see them, they
> connect us to the logo without actually using it, and they won't break the
> design when used on the article next to the author's name as the logo
> currently does.

+1 to all that. Thanks, Filip. I like the positioning and the shapes of the
cubes a *lot*.

I only have one thought, and just want to get it in here for consideration.

Generally in a symbolic representation of steps or rank, you change the
number of widgets or the color of a widget. Using both implies that there
are two changes going on. (The wireframe-to-full logo progression was kind
of a bending of that rule, but within the bounds of using an established

So, if I may suggest, either we stick with one color (I don't know which) or
we stick to the rgb, and imply a second progression like this (titles are
phony, just for explanation, and the scale is off the top of my head)

Big step one: red
step one: written an article : one red cube
step two: a second red cube

Big step two: green
step three: a green cube
step four: a second green cube

Big step three : blue
step five : a blue cube
step six : a second blue cube

here's an example:


IF we decide to reward uber-contributors, steps 13 and 14 could remove all
the colored cubes and replace them with a silver and gold cube,
respectively, or the silve and gold could just be tacked on.


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