[thesite] my scale and the use of color (was cubic)

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Sat Aug 11 18:37:24 CDT 2001

Two things:

First, I meant to have twelve steps (although that still cracks me up --
evolt is a twelve step program), so the scale would be

big step 1
step 01 front wire frame
step 02 fill the wire frame with red
step 03 back wire frame
step 04 fill the wire frame with red
big step 2
step 05 front wire frame
step 06 fill the wire frame with green
step 07 back wire frame
step 08 fill the wire frame with green
big step 3
step 09 front wire frame
step 10 fill the wire frame with blue
step 11 back wire frame
step 12 fill the wire frame with blue

beyond 12 - silver, then gold

Okay, now that I have that cleared up, let me address Martin's issue:

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Martin
> WAI Priority 1 - second on the list:
> "Ensure that all information conveyed with color is also available
> without color, for example from context or markup."

Good point, Martin, and maybe labeling them as "big steps" is a bad idea. It
would be artificial at any rate. Maybe we just need the twelve steps ...
wire, fill, wire, fill, etc.

My only point was that for somebody who is *not* color blind, there's the
possible interpretation that the differing colors of the cube *do* convey
information, which they don't. In general, if you have a scale that conveys
information through a quantity of symbols (cubes in our case), then adding
multiple colors conveys an additional layer of information.

My response was to create an artificial layer of information, which is a bad
way to go about design. IOW, my bad. :)

So that still leaves me having to make my point and offer an alternative,
which I'll do in a separate email, after I have the alternative.


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