[thesite] comments question

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Sat Aug 11 21:37:51 CDT 2001

On Aug 11, aardvark had something to say about RE: [thesite] comments question

>> From: "mccreath" <mccreath at ak.net>
>> If it is only in admin view, then no, it's not a lot of people. I just
>> can't remember if that particular item is only in admin view. I know
>> it's not available without logging in, but I wasn't sure about member
>> view.
>hmmm... anyone?  my bet is admin-only...

nope. we changed this a while ago. the span feature is a leftover from
when it was admin-only.

i was actually thinking abuot this today. when you mouseover some of the
longer comments here in ie5, it flashes on and off because the tooltip is
vertically larger than my (maximized) window. so, i can't read it anyways.

want me to comment that part (the span) out on teo?

i guess i probably need to wait for jeff to ok this. now where's that
schedule he gave me... here it is... seems we need to wait until "sometime
on monday" since this is a weekend.


>> Can you actually read the entire comment in the time that it displays
>> as a title? I'm asking informationally. I can't read the ones up there
>> now.
>yep... i can read/skim just about any comment in a couple 
>seconds... the longer ones take a couple hovers to get through, 
>and the really long ones make the tool-tip blink faster than a strobe 
>light mounted to a dancing mule on amphetamines...

Yeah, that'll teach me to not read the whole message before replying. So,
are you using a browser other than ie5? Im just curious.

damn mules...

>why thank you, i just bought these pants...

i can see the glare off the leather from here...


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