[thesite] cubic

Filip Salomonsson filip at netdesign.se
Sun Aug 12 14:32:35 CDT 2001

Matt Warden:
> Well, down the line, the colors and styles will be configurable to the
> user. So, we don't have control of all that. If we make the colors our
> evolt colors, it'll probably clash with the background more often than if
> the color was gold. I mean, how many users will use a gold
> background? Well, that's not even really the point. The point is that the
> site colors are/will be out of our hands, really.

What I was getting at is that I think it'll look better on any evolt page,
not just using the current colors. The red, green and blue boxes in the logo
will always be there and I think sticking to those colors would be better
than introducing another one in the gold cubes.

Unless, of course, the cubes are generated on the fly using any color the
user chooses. But that's a different gig altogether.

> Well, but we need to work towards the "he's got eleven". The whole point
> here is to reward our contributing members with an ego boost and hopefully
> get them to try and get another cube by contributing more. If people
> really can't tell level 5 from level 6, we kind of lose that drive.

Anyone who can count to six should be able to tell them apart, so that's
hardly a problem. At first glance, though, I don't think anyone who didn't
sleep through all of the math classes in school will look at six cubes and
think "twelve!" (I'd pity the fool who does). I guess my main point is that
I don't consider it important whether a user (non-member) thinks "two solid
and one transparent cube" or "level five", as long as it's obvious which
levels are higher than which.


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