[thesite] cubic

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Sun Aug 12 14:53:10 CDT 2001

> From: Filip Salomonsson
> Sweet. Good one, David!

Thanks, Filip.

> The gold cubes look neat, but I don't think they'll blend
> in with the rest of the page as nicely as these, using the
> colors of the logo.

Right, well, I was actually trying to get the rating cubes to stand out a
little. :)

> Also, I really don't think the color-blindness issue is a major concern,
> since the number of cubes still differ from level to level.

Because there isn't any additional info layer, you're right of course. The
colorblindness itself isn't an issue.

> What with the additional layer of information induced by the
> varying colors -- why not let that be?

That's certainly a possibility, I'm just seeing if there's a way to keep the
info "clean".

> The important thing, the way I see it, is not that every user
> immediately can tell "oh, he's an 'eleven'", but rather "oh, he
> has done an assload of work here". I think the *relative* level
> is more important than the absolute level.

Good point. And I agree with one of your follow ups that unless someone has
familiarity with the scale, they'll *never* look at six cubes and say "Oh!
This person's a 12!" So it's a little hinky anyway.

I've got some more to post in a minute.


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