[thesite] adding a param to the login and signup forms

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Tue Aug 14 14:02:37 CDT 2001

jeff et al,

can we add a parameter to the login and signup forms to have it redirect
back to the url in given param? I think currently it redirects to
http_referer or just /index.html. So, what I'm talking about is:


(properly escaped, of course)

If so, can we try to get this in before the move up of code from
teo? Yeah, I probably should have mentioned this a while ago. Really, I
need this to avoid sending the user from feo, to the signup form on weo,
and then back to weo (changing styles along the way... adding to
confusion). If you wanna know why, see recent thread about the attributes
table where i get into how I am gonna synch the users tables. I think it's
the last in the thread.

And I'd need this querystring var to take precedence over http_referer and
/index.html, of course.

let me know, asap. thanks.


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