[thesite] Cubes FAQ - Please Review

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Wed Aug 15 09:56:56 CDT 2001

First, thanks for writing this up, Michele. Sorry I didn't have time for
input yesterday.

> From: rudy
> perhaps you could simplify this with a TH row
>     image    number of articles
> and then just put the numbers beside the images
>    rating1   none yet
>    rating2   1 - 5
>    rating3   6 - 10


> and could you use align="right" in the TD's with the images?


As it stands now, the rows builds from left to right the way it should --
simply adding another each time a step is reached. Right aligning them would
add an extra movement.

If you want the cubes and the words closer together then we can switch the
order of the columns, and right align the descriptive text:

          Articles  Image
          none yet  rating1
             1 - 5  rating2


How's that strike you rude?


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