[thesite] credits file

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Aug 15 13:53:45 CDT 2001

someone else mentioned this offlist yesterday, that they'd like their 
*specific* contributions on there instead of general ones. the problem i 
said was that once one person gets specific, its only fair for everyone 
else to as well, ya know?

if you get to have super specific titles, then eveyone has to do it, 
which is a pain in the ass, cus then you have 10 different names for 
more or less the same thing..  then people ask, "How come susy is 
labeled as accessibility expert when i'm the one who was CSS2 and CSS-P 

as an example. i thought it would be nice to keep us as 'flat' an 
orgranization here as possible(we all contributed, right? is that what 
matters or so everyone knows precisly what we did) just for simplicity 
and to avoid anyones feelings/ego getting stepped on..

but if thats what everyone wants, its cool with me.

Martin wrote:
> Daniel J. Cody wrote on 14/8/01 10:35 pm
>>did i miss anyone or forget a skill that someone contributed? no need to 
>>feel bashful, contact me offlist if you'd like. :)
> Can I have 'Accessibility compliance' added to mine? Or do you think that
> that's covered by the QA credit I've already got.

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