[thesite] What's appropriate for d.e.o.

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Aug 16 16:48:36 CDT 2001

Simon Coggins wrote:

> Here are the links that I'm unsure about:
> projectarmata
> http://www.projectarmata.8m.com/
> web design agency multimedia content original and amazing desktop wallpaper 
> to download

what category did it get posted under?

> #10 LLC - Viral Marketing Solutions
> http://www.nr10.com/
>  #10, LLC delivers TOTAL Internet solutions. Industries include: Hi-tech
> Product Manufacturing, Retail, Consumer Product Marketing, Sports/
> Entertainment, Art/ Photography, Advertising, Real Estate, Hospitality,
> and Software Development. Our services include: *Business Process
> Re-engineering *Real-time Inventory Management Solutions *Database
> Development & eCommerce Integration *Back-office Integration *Content
> Management Systems *Personalization *Web Design/Programming *Usability
> Testing & Web Auditing 


> suppose I could easily create a category for this kind of thing.

naw, i don't think developers want a category full of marketriod/spam 
type services.

> So my questions:
> - What sort of thing do people want to see in the directory?

personally, i like what i see in there now.. no BS, straight from other 
developers. i think that carries a lot of weight..

> - What don't you want to see? What kind of links don't belong here?

don't like to see stuff that obviously wasn't submitted by another web 
dev/evolt member.. the cool thing about what you've done simon is the 
best of the best from the evolt community.. yahoo and dmoz have web dev 
categories too, but i think people place more faith in their peers 

> - How about the links above. Should I add a category for web agencies?

boy, thats a tough call. i would hope people wouldn't see it as any sort 
of endorsement from us.. what do you think?

thanks, and keep up the good work :)


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