[thesite] Cubes FAQ - Please Review

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Aug 16 17:08:10 CDT 2001

actually, you've only got 10:

get_numarticles (Records=10, Time=10ms)
select contentid, userid
	from content where
	userid = 35
	and content.signoff = '1'

you're only seeing 13 articles returned because you're viewing you're 
own user page(when joe visits joe's user page, he sees all articles - 
approved, denied, etc.)

and the logic is currently
lt 1
gte 1 and eq 5
gt 5 and lte 10
gt 10 and lte 15

which is why you have the third(cube+wire) image.

coolio?? :)


Scott Dexter wrote:
> I jes meandered out there (weo), I gots 13 articles, and only
> cube+wireframe, shouldn't it be 2 cubes?
> (according to the scale published)
> have we checked that logic ?

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