[thesite] What's appropriate for d.e.o.

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Aug 16 17:49:21 CDT 2001

I saw these sorts of issues coming when I heard about d.e.o...
I'm slightly being a devil's advocate here:

Garrett wrote:

>There would be, as you say, an implied endorsement purely by having it there,

Does this mean that there is an implied endorsement for any and all 
links on d.e.o?  That's a pretty heavy load for Simon to shoulder. 
But if there were clear guidelines created by the community...

>and would open up the directory (and Simon to a degree) to all sorts of crap
>("hey, they got in, why can't I go in? I'm better than they are").

why are links to webshops potential "crap" more than any of the other 
subject matter?  I'm not saying they aren't potential "crap," I'm 
just wondering what makes them that?  Is it that their sole purpose 
is to sell a service?

OTOH there are other sites up there that are primarily there to sell 
a service (like atomz.com).  And we ARE a community of web 

I agree that if you let some webshops post links, you'd have to 
essentially let all of them post links, and I agree further that 
d.e.o. needs clear guidelines as to what is kosher and what is not.

For example, I think it would be cool to ONLY include noncommercial 
sites.  That would solve a lot of the spamming potential and further 
the principle I saw somewhere that said that Evolt is "against the 
commercialization of the web."

To do a bit of "competitive analysis," Digital Web has two directories.
One for "resources"
and one for freelancers


>I'd say no, no catagory for agencies. There are loads of other ways for
>people to find web agencies/developers, and if push came to shove,
>someone could ask thelist if there was someone they would recommend 
>(with a tip
>of course).
>My 2 Euros.


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