[thesite] Cubes probs

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Aug 16 20:44:05 CDT 2001


On the article?  They look aligned to me .... or do you mean up beside the
user's name ?

And that goes in the image tag ?



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From: "Filip Salomonsson" <filip at netdesign.se>

| Daniel J. Cody:
| > the article and user pages on teo and weo have been updated to reflect
| > the new cubes. as has mich's article expaining them.. anything else? :)
| Just cosmetics.. If you slap an align="absmiddle" on the cubes, they'll
| nicely on the baseline of the text. Weell, as long as the text size
| change, of course. :)

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