[thesite] What's appropriate for d.e.o.

Simon Coggins ppxsjc1 at unix.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk
Fri Aug 17 09:23:21 CDT 2001

> > In the long term I would like to find the time to rewrite the admin
> > section to allow multiple admins, each looking after there own
> > section. This would spread the load, as well as making it more of a
> > community affair. Unfortunately I've got this little thing called a
> > day job holding me back... ;)
> Well, if you want a hand with this (rewriting the admin doohickey), just
> shout. I guess it would be aiming at something similar to the Dmoz
> editors yeah?

I haven't actually looked closely at DMOZ, but yes, that's the kind of
thing I had in mind. I think I need to think carefully about exactly how
it should be implemented, and then I'll come running for assistance
(although I pity anyone who has to try to understand my code!).

One other feature that's ready to add is "friendly" urls, but it needs
mod_rewrite installed before I can add it. Does anyone know if mod_rewrite
is installed and available using .htaccess files?


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