[thesite] login problems

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Aug 21 20:17:44 CDT 2001

it seems i have a login problem

i'm using ie5 on win95 and i cannot log in to the evolt site

at least, it never comes back with "logged in as r937"

i have cookies set to prompt, and it doesn't do it whether i reject or
accept the cookie

i see the cfid and cftoken in the url, but i don't think i'm actually
logged in

now, when i go upstairs and use ie5.5 on win2000, no problem -- logs me in
right away

i am worried i have fucked up something on my machine here

i have cleared my cache and force-deleted my cookies out of Temporary
Internet Files, but it still doesn't like me

p.s. i have never checked the Remember Me, and never had problems, should i
be trying that too?

any ideas what the problem could be??


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