[thesite] new category proposal: web business

Isaac Forman isaac at triplezero.com.au
Wed Aug 22 19:55:15 CDT 2001

this is an FYI to admin, but discussion should remain on thesite please.

i'd like to propose a new category:

	web business

typical content would be stuff relevant to someone who is running their own
pet-project on the side or as their day job (think: ryan finley and
surveymonkey), freelancing or running a small business (ie, myself, amanda,
etc), or involved with web business on a corporate level (think: martin).

i believe that i have a "+1" from martin:

"I think it could be very useful, both for the 'running a business' stuff,
but also "You need credibility in front of business people, so here's what
they're expecting" stuff

"I would say a fair proportion of our members will need to sit between
business and technical stakeholders, and knowing both would be A Good

i have 3 articles in mind to be written in the next week that would be
appropriate for this category. there are also a few other articles already
written which would also be relevant.


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