[thesite] Changes to d.e.o.

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Thu Aug 23 09:24:09 CDT 2001

On Aug 23, Simon Coggins had something to say about Re: [thesite] Changes...

>> Can you point your "home" image to dir.evolt.org (the home of your
>> subsite) rather than evolt.org (the main logo already points here)?
>> Just trying to be consistent.
>By "home" image, do you mean the black button with the house icon just
>below the main evolt logo?


>If so, are you sure you want that to point to d.e.o. subsite home? 


>On b.e.o, l.e.o and m.e.o. it points to the main evolt.org page, while on
>f.e.o it points to the subsite home.

simple explanation...
beo, leo, and meo are wrong  =)

We had this discussion a while ago. But, it doesn't seem like it was on
thesite... or at least I can't find it in the archives. Bascially, IIRC we
decided that the home icon should be the subsite home.

>I agree about consistency being important - if we change d.e.o we should
>change the rest too.

Well, I guess by "consistency", I meant more intra-page design (look
out, he's gonna try and sound like a designer now). The other
two icons on that horizontal level (the ? and the @). feo (and other
subsites) needs the ? (faqs) at the very least. So, that horizontal level
is already sort of established as the subsite level (but on weo, they're
the same level). Also:

1. I don't know of any other evolt-global way to get to the subsite
home. You had to add the "Top" link.
2. The main "evolt.org" logo is already linked to www.evolt.org and is
much more prominent.

To me, it just makes sense to do this.

Either way, let's come to a concensus so i can change feo if needed.



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